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Founded in 2008, Precigen Exemplar enables discovery by providing the vehicle to break new ground on the medical research frontier. We develop specialized miniature swine models that are genetically engineered to exhibit a wide variety of human disease states and to provide a more accurate platform to test the efficacy of new medications and devices.

All too often, researchers have lacked animal models that faithfully represent human diseases. As a result, a sizeable barrier has blocked progress in the discovery of human disease mechanisms; prevention strategies and therapeutics, novel diagnostics, procedures, devices; and the ability to predict in humans the efficacy of those next-generation therapeutics, procedures, and devices.

Each Precigen Exemplar facility is accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC). Our employees are active members of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, which is dedicated to the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals, and we also comply with the letter and spirit of the Animal Welfare Act.

Precigen Exemplar is a subsidiary of Precigen.

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“The porcine disease models we are developing at Precigen Exemplar bridge the substantial gap between the rodents typically used in preclinical testing and the patients in clinical trials. Having a model that more closely replicates a specific human disease provides better predictive efficacy, which results in faster, more efficient therapeutic development.”

Christopher Rogers, PhD
CEO and CSO of Precigen Exemplar

Our Approach

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Precigen Exemplar is advancing a broad pipeline of proprietary genetically engineered ExeGen® MiniSwine models that are invaluable for disease mechanism discovery and preclinical efficacy testing.

Miniature Swine for the Biomedical Market
The Yucatan MiniSwine is the accepted standard and ideal model for the biomedical and medical device fields. MiniSwine research models are designed to provide improved predictive power to the preclinical stages of therapeutic development.

Precigen Exemplar is a leader in providing MiniSwine for research in human diseases. Our models have a wide range of applications ultimately enabling discovery.

Learn more about our models and how they’re being applied to medical research.

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New Models of

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Precigen Exemplar to Develop Genetically Engineered Animal Models to Advance Research with the Support of FSHD Patient Community

Precigen Exemplar is collaborating with the global facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) patient community and a leading FSHD research group to develop genetically engineered large animal models of FSHD, types 1 and 2. FSHD is one of the more common forms of muscular dystrophy that equally affects men, women, and children and there are currently no treatments or cure. The first of their kind, these models will be critical tools in the understanding and treatment of this complex genetic disease that affects an estimated one million people worldwide.

This collaborative project is funded by the William R Lewis Family, the FSHD Canada Foundation, the Chris Carrino Foundation for FSHD (USA), and the FSHD Global Research Foundation (Australia).

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Animal Welfare

We are committed to the humane use and care of each research animal. Our first priority is animal welfare, and we have rigorous standards to ensure that we meet or exceed all requirements for care though a robust program of care and established veterinary protocols. Each one of our facilities is PHS assured, FDA compliant and USDA approved.

We believe our work will enable discovery of life saving drugs, devices and therapies and every employee of Precigen Exemplar believes each animal deserves the greatest respect and care – and that’s exactly what we deliver every day.

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Our Platform Advantages

Benefits of Miniature Swine Models
Our ExeGen® Yucatan miniature pig models offer a more accurate and effective testing platform for new treatments than traditional mouse models.

Advantages of Miniature Swine Over Traditional Models:

  • Human-like disease phenotypes on accelerated timelines
  • Human-like size useful for device and imaging work
  • Anatomically similar to humans (e.g., similar structure of cardiovascular systems)
  • Improved translational value to human clinical trials

Challenges of Medical Product Development
The process to develop successful treatments can be costly and for rare disease states, limited patient populations make predictive efficacy much more difficult.

MiniSwine models aim to address these challenges and improve the outcomes, enabling significant cost savings in development and the ability to bring medications to market faster.


Precigen Exemplar is providing miniature swine models to enable research in human diseases.

Precigen Exemplar Pipeline

As of October 28, 2022
ModelIndicationGene TargetingFoundersCharacterizationAvailable in Portfolio
ExeGen LDLR -/- & +/-Heart Disease
ExeGen CFTR-/-Cystic Fibrosis
ExeGen CFTRF508del/F508delCystic Fibrosis
ExeGen SCN5A+/E558XCardiac Arrhythmia
ExeGen TP53+/R167H, R167/R167HCancer
ExeGen TP53+/R167H & KRAS+G12DCancer
ExeGen DMD+/ex52delNeuromuscular
ExeGen ATM-/-Neurodegeneration
ExeGen CLN2R208X/R208XNeurodegeneration
ExeGen CLN3ex7&8del/ex7&8delNeurodegeneration
ExeGen HTT+/Ex1+(CAG)85Neurodegeneration
ExeGen MYH7+/R403QHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
MYBPC3E330XHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
TNNI3R192HHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
TTNK16648XHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
LMNAN195KDilated Cardiomyopathy
ExeGen NF1+/ex42delNervous System
ExeGen PKD1+/-Renal Disease
ExeGen SCDhHBA/hHBA/hHBG-hHBBS/ hHBG-hHBBSBlood Disorders

Custom Model Development

Engineering custom models tailored to your therapeutic testing needs

Disease Model Development
Precigen Exemplar is able to custom design models of genetic human disease through the use of gene modification technology and somatic cell nuclear transfer. Specific models can be created to help advance your research project.

Disease Model Characterization
Precigen Exemplar can assist customers in the characterization of the given-disease phenotype of pig models. Basic molecular, biochemical, physiological, and behavioral assays are available on a fee-for-service basis. Experienced technical assistance and facilities are available to help customers perform procedures and experiments.

Model Services

Providing animal husbandry services specifically designed for research animals.

Animal husbandry integrates a range of disciplines from nutrition, health maintenance and disease prevention, appropriate housing and climate control, proper handling facilities and techniques, sanitation and other factors.

The needs of research animals rise to a far higher level with requirements for precise care, established veterinary protocols, special facilities and transportation, strict compliance to government regulations and all the documentation that goes along with it and much more.

Our sites are Public Health Service assured facilities, a requirement for National Institute of Health funded projects. Each site also is accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).

Precigen Exemplar provides animal husbandry services specifically designed for research animals that allow clients to focus on breakthrough laboratory results.

Providing clients with a range of essential regulatory compliance services.

Navigating the regulatory landscape associated with the creation and use of genetically engineered animals can be a time-consuming, frustrating exercise that draws precious time and resources away from research priorities.

The Precigen Exemplar team provides clients with regulatory support services that cut through the red tape and adhere to guidelines and requirements. Our staff works closely with Food and Drug Administration personnel in order to know the intricacies of current guidelines and understand the impact of regulations under development.

Our staff provides a range of essential regulatory compliance services, including:

  • Assistance in the filing of an Investigational New Animal Drug (INAD) file and maintenance of such files;
  • Documents and Protocols necessary to meet FDA requirements;
  • Training of staff to meet FDA requirements;
  • Guidance and hands-on services in meeting the reporting requirements of the FDA.

Precigen Exemplar’s compliance assistance services prevent regulatory delays that cost money and stop research projects in their tracks.

Providing genetically identical animals for research in human diseases

Through the use of somatic cell nuclear transfer, Precigen Exemplar is a leader in providing genetically identical pigs for research in human diseases. This approach should decrease experimental variability and have a wide range of applications ultimately enabling discovery.

Precigen Exemplar also provides control animals that are genetically identical to the disease model with the single difference being the disease-causing mutation.

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