The Next Generation
of Scientists

At Precigen, we are creating a unique scientific culture with the goal of pushing the boundaries of scientific research in the fields of immuno-oncology, in vivo pharmacology, translational immunology, and vaccine research in order to discover and develop new immunotherapeutic modalities that will improve outcomes for patients with cancers, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases.

A Unique Postdoc

Postdocs selected for our competitive program, located in Germantown, Maryland, will be eligible to receive a grant to continue their Precigen project in an appropriate academic setting of their choice. We are one of the first biotechnology, and the first synthetic biotechnology company to offer this type of grant. If selected, this postdoc program will provide experience and training in an industry setting that then potentially supports a path back to academia.

Our intent with this unique postdoctoral training model is simple. We believe that building long-term collaborative bridges between academic centers of excellence and biopharma will better serve patients by fostering a mindset of translational medicine.

Program Highlights

  • An unrivaled opportunity to be at the forefront of the fields of immuno-oncology, in vivo pharmacology, translational immunology, and vaccine research working alongside some of the world’s leading scientists in these areas

  • A unique environment focused on talent development, and building the next generation of scientists and clinicians

  • Direct involvement in translational medicine – moving promising drug candidates forward from the laboratory into the human clinical trials

  • Work with next generation scientists and clinicians focused on translational/precision immunology

  • An opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the evolution of a comprehensive portfolio of immuno-oncology and autoimmune drug assets that could improve the lives of patients with unmet medical needs

  • An unparalleled scientific environment that highly supports and encourages the publication of research findings in prestigious journals and presentation of research work at scientific congresses

  • Following completion of the Precigen postdoc, eligibility to transition back to academia with a potential grant to continue research and to build connections between biotech and academia


In addition to working with a dynamic team, as a full-time employee you will also be eligible to participate in the following:

Benefits may vary depending upon geographic location, number of hours worked and job status.

Company Observed Holidays
Flexible Spending Accounts
Paid Time Off (PTO)
401(k) Match

How to Apply

Apply for Postdoc

Applicants are encouraged to submit their CV and cover letter. Selected applicants will be invited to visit the Precigen headquarters in Germantown, Maryland where they will give a seminar on their research and meet with an interview team comprised of staff scientists and directors working within one of our research focus areas.

Apply for Postdoc