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Precigen ActoBio™ is a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering a new class of therapeutic agents created on the ActoBiotics™ platform. These are targeted, microbe-based, specifically designed agents that express and locally deliver potential disease-modifying therapeutics at disease sites including the intestine, the mouth and the nasopharynx, to treat a range of disorders.

We have a strong R&D pipeline and an extensive portfolio of candidates advancing toward clinical development across a number of potential indications.

Precigen ActoBio™ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Precigen.

Type 1 Diabetes

“Our ActoBiotics™ platform allows for a wide pipeline of potential therapeutics across a broad set of mucosal and immune-mediated pathologies. We are currently focused on inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, all with high unmet needs. Today, we are confident that we have assembled all the essential resources and know-how to allow us to forge ahead with our mission of finding innovative solutions for patients with difficult-to-treat diseases.”

Pieter Rottiers, PhD
CEO of Precigen ActoBio

Our Approach

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The ActoBiotics™ technology provides a new class of therapeutic agent, a unique delivery platform precisely tailored for specific disease modification, with the potential for superior efficacy and safety via local delivery directly to the relevant tissue.

ActoBiotics™ combines the advantages of highly selective protein-based therapeutic agents with local delivery by the well-characterized, food-grade bacterium Lactococcus lactis, to provide novel disease-modifying therapies.

We have shown that multiple therapeutic agents, such as proteins, peptides and antibodies, can be incorporated into a single approach, enabling the simultaneous targeting of multiple pathways in one disease.

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Our Platform Advantages

A New Class of Therapeutic Agents
  • A unique delivery platform precisely tailored for specific disease modification
  • Specifically designed to target disease areas with high unmet need
  • Rapid development of new candidates by incorporating validated therapeutic agents
  • Targeted delivery via oral capsule, oral rinse or topical solution
  • Sustained release of select therapeutic agents in appropriate quantities
  • Demonstrated safety and tolerability
  • Cost-effective, robust, and scalable manufacturing process

Our versatile technology platform has facilitated the creation of diverse ActoBiotics™ candidates. Choosing only the most promising leads, we have developed a rich pipeline of therapeutic agents at clinical, preclinical and discovery stage in areas with high unmet needs in immunotherapy, as well as allergy and immune tolerance induction.

Precigen clinical pipeline preview
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